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To write or not to write

June 28, 2011 by hayden

Over the past few months, I’ve been eager to write numerous blog posts about numerous different issues, but to put it bluntly, I’ve been afraid. Yes, my usual manly demeanor has been cowering in the corner for one reason – Money (however much we try to convince ourselves we don’t really need it, unfortunately we do). Once something is put online, that’s it. You’ve engraved your opinion to the cyber-noticeboard for evermore.

Using the example of my previous blog post and for that matter this video –

It is now clear that I think Cheryl Cole is not that talented and that her presence on our tv screens is detrimental to the mental capacity of all who watch her. Now let’s say that someone has heard of my work and how great I would be for say (*SHAMELESS PLUG*) a corporate event doing impromptu poems or for singing/playing guitar or for performing at an arts festival (*END OF SHAMELESS PLUG*), but unfortunately they are a Cheryl Cole fan. I would have therefore lost out on a booking as a direct cause and effect of my big-gobbery.

This is not a blog post about freedom to say something, it’s about whether you should actually say it. I have the right to call someone an idiot or a loser. If I really wanted (which I don’t btw) it would be well within my capabilities to start slagging off David Haye’s mum, the world boxing champion, but it would be a stupid thing to do as he could beat me up without too much work.

Also, whilst there are people who make a terrific living out of alienating others à la any-reporter-from-the-daily-fail, that’s not how I want to make my mark on the world. Sometimes it’s good to ruffle a few feathers though, and I would like the freedom to be able to do it. That brings me onto my final point.

As a logical thinker, it irritates me that we have offensive-word Bingo. You could be mentioning rapeseed oil and it would cause distress. This is a major cause of irritation and excuse to curtail anything mildly objectionable.

Basically I’m ethically confused. So, my challenge is, does anyone have any solutions for being open and honest, whilst ensuring that you make enough of what is seemingly the most important thing in the world – money? Comments below please.

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  1. Simon Phillips says:

    Open and honest and make money? I think you may have to ask a certain Lord Sugar about that. Alternatively, you could defer to the sagely Noel Gallagher who once said pithily “So you think that my music’s shite, well it makesd me money”.

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