Secret review now not so secret…ish

age-of-the-geek - Web ImageLast summer as all of you should know I performed at the Edinburgh Fringe with Age of the Geek. Whilst I did receive some pretty decent reviews, I noticed that whilst a national newspaper had interviewed me and seen the show, the review was never published.

In my demeanour as your friendly neighbourhood performer, I have started promoting my new show Secrets of the Elders of the Zion. I therefore thought I would get in touch with this reviewer who seemed to like my stuff to encourage them along to the next one.

They then sent me the review from last summer and allowed me to publish an amended version here, for the first time, 10 months later.
Age of the Geek
theSpace @ Surgeons Hall, Nicolson Street, until Aug 25

The obsessive world of the geek is lovingly conjured up by Hayden Cohen… [a] proud geek from Leeds, whose only shame is that he did not do a degree in quantum physics.

Rather, he graduated in English, and there is a literate feel to his rap-influenced paean to geekery, which is served up with lashings of self-mocking irony.

The inventive 26-year-old… takes his audience on a whimsical journey through the different levels of geekiness – from an ability to change the wallpaper on your desktop to being proficient in Ascii art (cue, a photo of himself, composed of numbers and letters). He gives a mock-heroic rendition of the numerically-rich Geek National Anthem; and he charms us with a lovesong to his smartphone.

And while he sings, he accompanies himself on the guitar, the mandolin and the kazoo, plus one of the few midi-stylophones in existence. A genuine geek, to his very original fingertips.

4 Stars

This reviewer has good taste in shows indeed. I look forward to welcoming them to Secrets of the Elders of the Zion