Age of The Geek

Dictators have fallen. Empires have been won and lost. Now Geeks rule the world. Combining spoken word, music and comedy, Hayden shows how the Geeks have inherited the earth. Staring longingly into the heart of all things Geeky, this is a show that will entertain you through our impending technological doom.



Birmingham – Saturday 13th October – Bristol PearBOOK HERE
London – Sunday 21st October – The Good Ship, Kilburn – BOOK HERE
Manchester – Saturday 3rd November – Kings Arms, Salford – BOOK HERE
Leeds – Saturday 17th November – Seven ArtsBOOK HERE

Media Coverage

‘I was treated to an unashamed peek behind the curtain of geekdom…Not only could this geek carry a tune but his songs were funny and cleverly written with some great lyrics… there were some spot on comments about the dark side of social media that will get you thinking… Age of the geek is a witty and inventive look at the geek lifestyle.’
Barry Nugent – Geek Syndicate

‘Cohen shows real wit and understanding….a genuine and likeable individual.’
Paul Cockburn, Broadway Baby
‘Cohen has a surprisingly good singing voice, used to comedic and genuine merit, and is a talented musician, too…

One of the most commendable parts of the show was his genuine and likeable personality… It was impossible not to warm to him and the subtleties of the performance that made the show so believable… Hayden Cohen is a very convincing geek and his age is now.’

Jessica Marshall McHattie – The Brighton Argus
‘a very clever series of geek-flavoured verse.’
Darren Taffinder –

Me plugging the show on BBC Radio Leeds with Wes Butters on Friday July 13th 2012
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I was also featured in the Yorkshire Evening Post. Below are a couple of images:

And here’s one of the songs from the show…. Enjoy!

Right. As promised during my show, here is a list of all the credits from the show. If you haven’t seen ‘Age of the Geek’ yet I really can’t recommend highly enough NOT to look at this list as it will ruin your enjoyment. That said, scroll down for the list in chronological order.

Also, if you feel that I’ve missed something please get in touch.

Background Music – Portal 2 Soundtrack
Intro Music – Portal 2 Soundtrack
Mildly Modified poem at the end of first spoken word section – ‘If’ by Rudyard Kipling
Stylophone – Customised by Jason Hotchkiss of Build Brighton Hackspace
Stylophone Medley – Tetris, Main Star Wars Theme, Popcorn, Dr Who, Red Dwarf
Background Music – Portal 2 Soundtrack